📗 A long one-hour call with a recruiter

This morning, I had a call with a recruiter from Neuron Mobility, it’s a company I didn’t know about until couple of days ago. That company is hiring Product Designers. They are open for 3 positions. They are expanding the Product Design and Product Management.

They only have one Product Designer now, and she will be the lead. It’s quite interesting that only she takes care of the whole product. And now she’s a lead. That is the reward of time and loyalty.

I didn’t know the detail but will find out soon.

The recruiter seems interested in me and will move forward soon. It’s just that I’m still on holiday now, and I don’t want to spend time interviewing or exercising. It’s a time for me to update my portfolio and self-reflection and take a rest. Job is secondary.

The recruiter, Raymond, is quite young and shared many things about the company. It was supposed to be 30 min only. But it lasted one hour. It’s a sign of an interesting conversation.

Tina, an ex-Carouseller, wants to refer me to Viki Rakuten also. It’s an entertainment product that Keith has worked on in the past. It’s a streaming service that focuses on Korean. Quite an interesting place to work on also.

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