Powerful life hacks for career, health, and relationship

Sahil Bloom is my greatest resource for learning. His newsletter and Twitter content always give me new and powerful lessons.

His sharing includes many different areas, including business, life, habit, spirit, and parenting.

Here are some powerful hacks from Sahil that I resonate with and want to apply in my life.

Spend 15 minutes on Sunday night to prepare for Monday

“Spend 15 minutes on Sunday evening preparing for what your first focus tasks are going to be on Monday morning. That 15 minutes will save you 2 hours and a whole lot of stress.”

Swallow the big frogs for your boss. It’s the best way to optimize your career path.

“Observe your boss, figure out what they hate doing, learn to do it, and take it off their plate.”

When learning something new, try to teach it to friends and family members.

Teaching is the best way to learn. One way is 🌱 Learn in public or teach people you’re close with.

For started, teaching strangers is very awkward. An easier way to teach your learning is to teach them to friends and family members.

“See what questions they ask and how those questions expose the gaps in your knowledge. Study more to fill in those gaps. The act of teaching is the most powerful form of learning.”

When you meet someone, say their name once in the convo. Their name is the sweetest sound they hear. But if we talk about it more than once, it will be cheesy.

“Once is enough. If you do it more than once, it will become phoney”

Compliment strangers every single day. You will be thrilled if you receive compliments from strangers as well.

“Getting a compliment from someone will make their day.”

Try the 4-7-8 method to sleep easier.

“Breathin through your nose 4 seconds, hold your breath for 7 seconds, exhale for 8 seconds.”

Get your body moving to start the day with a 5-5-5-30 routine

“5 pushup, 5 squats, 5 lunges and 30s plank. You can do that while brewing coffee of waiting for your kid to finish their meal.”

Tip the bartender at your local graciously the first time you go

“You'll get better service and build a relationship that will last.”
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