Welcome to my Digital Garden

This is where I share my notes on design, the designer’s soul, writing, coding, and parenting.

I’m Kyoto, a product designer none knows, based in Singapore, from Vietnam.

My parents are farmers, and my house is in a small village. My childhood is with nature, and that’s why I love to call this 🌱 A digital garden.

This is my public notebook, where I share my thoughts on design, the designer’s soul, mindset, writing, coding, and parenting.

It’s less than a blog and more than a tweet.

My digital garden is a space for connecting early-stage ideas, collecting 🌱 Evergreen notes, and planting the seeds for more ambitious works.

It’s also a way for me to 🌱 Learn in public.

At first, I’m afraid to share this notebook publicly because of the fear of judges. But I can’t claim “I learned this!” just by saying it. The best way to measure the “learning” is to work on it and share progress in public.

Keeping a public log of what you build is an effective way to track your learning process.

And please keep in mind that these notes are personal thoughts. You’d probably be right to disagree with many of them, and I would also love to hear your opinions and advice.

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