📗 Affected (by layoff) colleagues are starting to look for a job

Today is the last day we stay in Singapore this year. We will come back after the holiday and with a new job.

Yesterday I went to Linked and accepted some invitations to connect with more people.

Nayanda, an iOS engineer, got affected and connected to me. He’s using the bad OpenForWork tag to look for new opportunities. He got an offer to stay at Carousell, but with a cutoff of 30% salary and working remotely from Indonesia. He didn’t accept it. Because it’s lower than the previous salary, he got. So now he's open for work.

I saw another Carousell guy posted the news on LinkedIn. He had 16 years of experience in marketing or something. And got reposts from many people to spread the news. Hopefully, he can get some interviews soon.

We will pack things today. Truc is going to Uniqlo to buy some jackets for Su. It’s cold in Ha Noi. We need some to cover up. I’ll pack things soon, so I want to leverage this free time to write something.

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