🌱 Ask for quick sharing right after every user interview

Doing this will help you synthesize user research 2x faster.

We need to synthesize all research projects to filter insights from the interview. Synthesizing is where we filter the noises to find signals from the sea of input. It’s tough, takes lots of effort, and is very tiring.

But I found one way to make it easier and more effective.

Right after finishing every interview, spending 15 minutes together noting down the interview's highlights.

Because our head is still fresh, and anything important and valuable will still be in our brain. If we don’t write it down, we will forget it later. And we need to re-read the whole notes to recall them again.

You might be afraid that you will miss some important information if you do like that. But it might not be important if something isn’t in your head right after the meeting.

Of course, we will do another review round for all participants with related people. But I found the thing I took notes after the interview covers 80% of all insights.

Do that, you will save hours of re-reading the interview notes and recall your brain.

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