7 reasons why Bifrost should hire me

Dear Bifrost team,

I don’t usually write a cover letter. But seeing your product idea, I love it and want to join the team. To redesign the interface from the ground up.

Here are 7 reasons why I’m a good fit for the Lead Design position at Bifrost.

1/ I’m an expert in web design

I have designed for the Web for 7+ years. Most of my big projects are for the Web. Although mobile design is taking the lead, the Web is still an important portal. Especially when building a complex tool for users like Bifrost.

2/ I’m good at visual

Beauty is a function. The more beautiful products, the easier to use perceived by users. That’s why I always make it simple and beautiful in all of my projects.

I also pay attention to small details. Because those small details keep people staying with the product. And details are what actually make an app stand out from competitors.

3/ I used to work on branding

I used to think I should do branding design because I love it. In the past, I designed many logos and stationery sets for clients.

Even though I have no longer worked on it, my foundation for brand design is still in my soul.

4/ I worked on startups

The first two companies I worked for were startups. The first is an agency startup, and the second is e-commerce.

Being in a startup means you have to work on many different things. From designing UI, conducting user research, setting up A/B tests, designing landing pages for sale campaigns, packaging design, coding,…

Many different things to do. But I’m a jack of all trades, and I enjoy it.

5/ My design solutions are always packed with research

I always validate my design solutions with qualitative data from user interviews, usability tests, and user feedback.

For some big projects, I need to work with researchers. But most of the projects I’ve worked on, I conducted by myself, in collaboration with Product Managers, engineers, and other designers.

6/ My design process is end-to-end

From research, defining problems, ideating, wireframe, visual design, prototype, communication, handoff, support the development team to analyze results and iterate.

I’m not good at all stages, and none is. But I try hard to get the job done.

7/ I’m familiar with web development languages

I’m a designer with a software engineer background. So I’m familiar with web development languages. Including Git, HTML, CSS/SCSS, AngularJS, ReactJS, and GatsbyJS.

That’s the reason I work well with engineers because I speak their language.

In fact, I often code my own side projects (based on some basic templates). Some of them are: Visualizam, Pafolios and Awesome Figma Tips.

Let’s have a chat!