🌱 Building a product isn't about whether it can be built

But about if people need it.

Learning to code might be wise. I think everyone should learn to code nowadays. You’ll earn the autonomy to build a product. It’s a valuable skill. Seth Godin also mentioned that everyone should Learn to code.

But it could be good if you don’t know how to code now.

If you have a product idea. Your first question shouldn’t be, ‘Can it be built?’. Instead, the first question should be, ‘Do people want it?’

In the early date, you should focus on validating if it’s a real problem you need to solve and if people want it. Then you can experiment with no-code tools. No-code tools will help you ship your first MVP faster so you can learn from users faster.

Of course, this is all very contextual. I see many people believe in what they want to buy and code it. 🌱 Obsidian is an example; they started by solving their problem.

That said, not knowing the code isn’t a gap if you want to build a product. It helps you focus on the initial part of a product: does it solve real problems people need?

Once you validate it and prove that people want your product, finding a technical team will be much easier.

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