📗 Getting some replies from companies that I applied

Today I got some replies from some places that I applied: Viki Rakuten, and Coinhako.

I also applied to some new places. One place is from an ex-carousel colleague, Vir, suggested to me by Aadil. Vir is now a product manager at CakeDefi, a crypto product. I sent my CV and portfolio to him last night and got the reply this morning. I didn’t know he was a Product Manager until I spotted the signature: Vir, Product Manager.

When seeing that, I feel like: “Wow, many friends went out and now got a better position.” The grass is greener on the other side lol. It’s good for them.

Tina also a Product Designer Manager at Viki Rakuten. I worked with her on my first project when joining Carousell. She left Carousell after one year I joined and became a manager at Viki.

Yeah, again, feel like people who often change jobs, highly get promoted to better positions. Yeah yeah, the grass on the other side is always greener. Good for them.

This morning, I also apply another company called Airwallet, another crypto tech product. For this season, only Crypto companies are hiring. That’s what I feel. But the goal is to find a job, not a perfect job anyway.

OK, I’ve just got the interview invitation at Coinhaco next Tue. It’s a one-hour-long interview with two other people. I emailed back to ask for detail and the agenda of the meeting so I can prepare better.

Seems like the interview will be coming soon; many interviews will happen next week. So far, I got two, but more are coming soon. I should prepare for it.

Now, the priority is to update the slide to showcase my portfolio and experience. The website will come later.

Trong, you are a good designer. It’s just that you didn’t show off enough. Share more, you deserve a better position. You will get the job, and you will get a good offer soon!

Sometimes, an affirmation is what we need!

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