Lessons from the movie “Schindler’s List” by Steven Spielberg

Everything I learned I learned from the movies.
Lessons from the movie “Schindler’s List” by Steven Spielberg

When you don’t know which movie to watch, what will you do?

I will go to the Top 200 IMDB to pick one. “Schindler’s List” is a movie was rated very high, but I hesitated to watch it. First, it’s a black & white movie. Second, one of my friends told me that he hadn’t watched it because he was afraid to watch it, the movie is too deep and sentimental.

I wanted to remove the movie from my “To watch” list. But then I couldn’t stop and spent more than three hours to finish it.

I have to say: “It’s great”.

“Everything I learned I learned from the movies.” ― Audrey Hepburn

I will tell you 7 things I learn from that great movie, “Schindler’s List”.

1. Business start with relationships

After watching the movie, I knew that a businessman has to have a large relationship network. Shindler started his business by coming to the bar, looking for any VIP in the military - at the WorldWar II, they are the most powerful people. Then he invites them with greate wines, gets to know them and then their friends, their bosses then a group of the military.

In any group, the’s always the spotlight. He knows how to attract people.

The most interesting scene is that at the first time he comes to the bar, the waiter ask his colleague: “Who is that guy?”, “I don’t know.” said the colleague. None know who is Shindler.

But after, when a general asks a waiter the same question. “He’s Shindler.” said the waiter.

That’s how Schindler built his business. Maybe it’s the way all business starts?!

2. Want to be an admired leader? Help people when they need

Schindler is a businessman, but he’s also an admired leader. Everyone loves him, follow him. What did he do?

Just simply help people, even he doesn’t mean to. He helps one-hand man to get a job as a worker, one-hand worker.

He helps a lot of people for sure, but even people who are not useful for him.

He didn’t mean to help them, his accountant convinces him to help them. Many people are saved, and they follow him, see him as a god, a savior.

3. Conflict with the boss? It’s a part of the job, and it’s good.

If Schindler didn’t convince the accountant to work for him, he wouldn’t be that admired leader and successful with his business. The accountant did many things that Schindler didn’t agree on, but the accountant did ask for permission. He did what he thinks is good and explain later.

The accountant is the one who hires all workers for Schindler. The one-hand guy, an old man who is not able to work properly, and many girls and women. There are many discussions between the accountant and Schindler. Many conflicts But at the end of the day, the accountant is the one magnified the compassion in Schindler.

So because of the accountant’s decision, Schindler became an admired leader and a respected businessman.

4. If things belong to you, you have to and have the right to protect them.

At that time, Schindler had around 1.000 workers. The German army wanted to capture one of his workers and wanted to kill that worker. One among one thousand cheap workers is nothing. If he stopped the German army, he could be into trouble.

But he did stop the German army from stealing his man. He yelled to the German with a peremptory tone. He used his power and the persuading skill to protect his man. Not easy, but he was successful to keep the worker with him.

I thought we would be captured by the German army. But nothing happened to him. He knew that he couldn’t be captured.

Finally, the German army gave the worker back to Schindler.

We have to protect what belongs to us, no matter what. We have the right, and responsibility.

5. Relationships are power, but only when we still have money

Because it needs lots of money to build relationships that are good for your business. From the beginning to the end of the movie, Schindler uses his money to build relationships with the German army. He bought fine wines, organized luxury parties with beautiful women.

What do we need when you want to make a good deal? Lots of money.

It’s sad to say that, but business is really about relationships with money.

6. Sex is essential demands for man

In the movie, Schindler is a businessman with compassion about people, an admired leader, a humble man, and a warm husband.

But because of his business, he has to stay away from his wife. With a man with money and a high social position, it’s will be a lie to say that he only wants to work go get more money. He needs sex and beautiful women.

I wonder if he didn’t have sex with other women, this film would be a romantic and unrealistic.

When his wife came to see Schindler and saw a woman in the bed with him, she was very shocked first. But after that, she became gentle again. Like she knew it already.

Maybe because of the positive and generous from Schindler, or maybe, she understands that it’s a matter of course in life when a husband has to stay far from the wife.

7. Steven Spielberg is simply a legend

I didn’t care about the director of the mobile when deciding to watch it. Only at the end, the line “Directed by Steven Spielberg” appeared, I could understand why this film is always in the top 200 all the time on IMDB.

I was also surprised by Steven Spielberg. This film is very different from the other great movies he made: Jaws, Jurassic Park, Back to the future, Saving Private Ryan, Catch Me If You Can,…

I understood why he’s Legendary Filmmakers.

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