📨 Letter from Audience #01

Hi Trong,

I am Yurong, a product designer based in Singapore. I chanced upon your article on LinkedIn and when I clicked into your article I had a pleasant surprise when I saw you have a repository of articles that's hosted on your website :)

It's always my personal goal to design and put up my own website with articles. I wanted to ask you how you managed to do up the newsletter + hosting articles on your website. I am super new to this website building thing, so would appreciate hearing more from you.

I am not sure if you would be keen to work for the public sector but if by any small chance you are, I am currently working at GovTech and I would love to refer you to any roles we have :) I wish you all the best in your job hunt!


Hey Y,

I’m so happy to see your email. Thanks for sending it!

For your question on hosting articles, I’m using Ghost. It’s an open-source platform. They have very good experience in writing + newsletter (and also paid newsletter if you need :D ).

They have paid option ($9 USD/mo). If you use it, it’s very easy to start your own. Just in couple clicks, everything will be done (Including the newsletter.)

I’m using a free one. Meaning that I need to buy a server (I’m using DigitalOcean, $6/month) to host my website. And I need to config something so I can enable the newsletter. There are many guides on the internet to help us. So it’s not too complicated. I just copy and paste their guides :D

You can consider a paid option, which is easier to start. Or maybe another option is Substack, but your writing is under substack domain (i.e. yurong.substack.com). If you want to write and send newsletter, Substack is fine also. For me, I just don’t like it.

I am currently working at GovTech and I would love to refer you to any roles we have :)

Wow! So good to hear it. But is GovTech open for non-citizens? I’m Vietnamese and don’t have PR yet. But if they are open, I want to try.

So, I hope to answer your questions.

If you need more help or clarity, let me know!

Thanks for the email again. I really enjoy replying email like this 😄

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