The best ideas haven’t been created yet.

There are always better ideas.

Many people think all the ideas were already created. But here are some examples that the best ideas haven’t been found yet.

Let’s talk about note-taking apps. If you search this keyword, there’s an uncountable number of note-taking apps on the marketing, from free to paid. We all thought the best note-taking apps were created. And it isn’t a good idea to create another note-taking app.

But two years ago, 🌱 Obsidian was created based on personal needs from the creator. They can’t find any app that fits their need. So they decided to build it.

Only two years later, 🌱 Obsidian is a new rise, loved by a big community. People think it’s the best note-taking app ever.

Before Obsidian was created, people thought Notion was the best one.

Now let’s talk about browsers. Chrome is the most popular, it is used by 80% of internet users. Seems like the best browser was created.

But Arc Browser was born with a new concept of the browsing experience. They solve the tab nightmare and have many other great features.

It’s too soon to see if it’s the best browser because it’s still in private beta testing. But for me, it’s a better browser than all current browsers, including Chrome.

Then about creating slides for the presentation. We all know it has to be Microsoft Powerpoint, or Apple Pages, or Google Slides. They are great, but can we do better?

Yes, 🌱 iA Presenter, a new product to create slides effortlessly from your writing. It’s worth mentioning two other great apps: Pitch and Pasted by WeTransfer

Before those apps were created, we all thought the best ideas had been created. But there are always new and better ideas.

By the way, as some of you know, I got laid off and am looking for a job. I’m documented my process of job-finding. It’s still at the beginning of the process. But I think those notes will be very interesting to re-read in the future. And someone who is in the same situation as me will find it helpful.

Post-Layoff Diary - Trong’s Digital Garden
Documenting my process of looking for new jobs after the layoff. Or maybe doing something fun. Good luck to me!
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