📗 The first official day to look for a job

Today is Wednesday. The first official day for me to look for a job.

Seems like not many companies are hiring now. It’s the end of the year, the hiring process is slower. Companies are still planning for next year. That’s why they closed some positions. For example, Grab, just last week, I was still seeing their Product Design job description on LinkedIn. But now, it closed and no longer accepts applications.

Another from Viki Rakutan. Tina said that she would send my profile to HR. But today is Wednesday, there’s no news.

Companies I talked to an HR, the one that I had a long chat about last week. He said that he would send the info and CV to their Product Lead, and it went well, he would send me the exercise on Wednesday (which is today) and arrange an interview on Friday. The assessment requires only 2 days to do. But until now, no reply from him.

Is the process slow, or am I not good enough?

No, I shouldn’t blame myself. Don’t make it bad and not useful for yourself. I’m a good designer, and I will find a job soon.

The process is just slow because it’s the end of the year. Many people are on leave, so the process is slower.

I also chatted with a Head Hunter, who wants to introduce me to a job from Viki Rakuten. Somehow, it’s the job that Tina mentioned. She asked me to ask Tina if she could represent my portfolio.

But I enjoyed the conversation with her. She shared details about the role and was quite interested in me. She also asked me if I knew anyone who was looking for a job now. I introduce her Gabriella, Nayanda, and An. They are my vertical friends who got affected by the layoff.

Ah, I also apply for some jobs on LinkedIn. Most of them are…crypto. They are hiring all the time. I didn’t have much experience with Fintech or Crypto, but I’m curious about it. So I should consider also.

One company replied just right after my submission. It’s from the Homepage. I replied with my available time. I will have a call tomorrow or Friday with HR to chat about the role.

I’ll take any opportunities anyway. Getting a job is now more important than getting a perfect job.

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