📗 Chat with a crypto company and ex-colleagues

I’ve had a chat with HR from a crypto company. He set up a 1-hour interview, but it only lasts 30 min.

When seeing the invite and knowing it was 1hr chat, I asked them what’s the purpose of the chat or the agenda so I could prepare for it. But they replied that it was just a casual chat, so I don’t need to prepare anything.

But during the interviewing, he asked me about my motivation for joining a crypto company and a project I worked on.

I didn’t have a good answer to those questions. I said to them that I wanted to try something different than eCommerce. But seems like it’s not convincing. He expected to see bigger motivation when joining a small team.

Well, I think I didn’t do a good job of doing homework. I’m not happy with my answer also. Because I don’t know much about the crypto industry.

I think I won’t pass this round. But it’s ok. I will find other opportunities and more experience in interviewing.

After the interview, I used ChatGPT and asked: “Why we should join the crypto industry?” The answer is surprisingly good. Here is my motivation if I want to join a crypto company:

  • Potential for high return: many people have made significant profits from it.
  • Innovation: many new ideas and new projects
  • Access to new technologies: opportunities to be at the forefront of their development

I think I have learned more from AI than from Google. ChatGPT is like my personal assistant and my mentor.

Jing Ting, one of my good friends at Carousell, sent me a job description and asked if I was interested. She has a friend and can refer me to the job.

The company name Workato. They are building automation tools for businesses like Zapier.

I’m interested in building tools. So I ask Jing to ask her friend to refer me. I hope I can get a call from HR and move to the interview process.

There are no more interviews today and tomorrow. On Thursday, I will have an interview with Viki Rakuten, the place where Tina is working.

I will have a good interview.

I will start to post more content on LinkedIn. There’s no reason not to do it now. I will get more attention from the internet. More opportunities will come.

Good luck to me, and learn from the experience. You will find a job soon.

Last night, Doreen, a researcher that got laid off, messaged me and asked me how I was doing. It’s good to talk to people who are in the same situation.

She’s applied for several jobs at Gov. Also, her position, Lead Researcher, is hard to find now. Because there are not many open positions. The higher the position, the fewer open position is, and the harder to find.

I hope she can find a job soon.

I also messaged Cheyenne, another designer who got affected. She’s still on holiday and updating her portfolio. I send me mind for references. I hope she can find it useful.

Yesterday, I also got an email from a designer that read my article. I put it here 🌱 Letter from Audience 01. She is curious about my site, garden.tronnguyen.co.

She wants to know how I can have both an article and a newsletter on the website. And she wants to refer to GovTech. But unfortunately, GovTech is only for PRs. I’m a foreigner, and not applicable.

But I’m very happy to get an email from her. Because I know someone is reading and knowing that my content is useful.

I always love to read emails from audiences like that. I hope my post will be helpful, and get more emails from strangers.

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